Author: Michael Huntsberger

Your Truck Is Unnecessary

Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to own a pickup truck. When I was old enough to buy one, that’s what I did. Since then I’ve owned several. Pickup trucks are great. You can haul stuff, they’re reliable, and they give the driver a certain confidence that you just can’t get in a…
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Rediscovering Joseph Spence

Rediscovering Joseph Spence When I first started playing guitar, I got my hands on a copy of Happy Traum’s Finger-Picking Styles for Guitar (1966: New York, Oak Publications — still available on Amazon). I was just starting to learn pattern picking, so I was pleased when the book included a couple of tunes I was…
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1: Leap, and the net will appear

I’ve recently retired as a professor of electronic media from a small liberal arts college. It was never my intention to retire at the age of 63, but the offer was good. It’s an unexpected position. Circumstances change. So it goes. But what is it? The amalgamation of all that went before — musician, producer, manager,…
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